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Introduction and Scope

威尼斯人网址提供本网站是为了方便其客户和公众. By using this website or the information, materials, or other content available on or through it, you agree that such 使用 is governed by the following terms, which include our privacy policy. We reserve the right to change these terms without 不ice.

Consent to Monitoring

我们监控对本网站的访问,并收集有关此类访问的某些信息,用于统计和安全目的. Use of this website constitutes consent to such monitoring. If our monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, we may provide such evidence to law enforcement officials.

Appropriate Use

The content provided on this website may be 使用d for informational, educational, and research purposes only.

Some of the content on this website may be copyrighted. 使用这些受版权保护的材料必须获得所有者的许可,而不能从我们这里获得许可.

We do 不 permit the 使用 of our name in any advertising, as an endorsement for any product or service, or for any other commercial purpose.

Unauthorized attempts to upload or change any of the content on this website, to defeat or circumvent its security measures, or to 使用 this website other than for its intended purposes are prohibited.

Links to External Web Sites

我们可能 provide links to external websites as an additional resource for 使用rs. Other websites may also link to this one. 所有这些外部网站都不在我们维护的服务器上,也不在我们的控制之下. 外部网站可能包含受版权或其他限制其使用的法律保护的内容. We make no warranty, express or implied, regarding, nor do we assume any liability or responsibility for, any content that is available on or through any other website. 无论是我们包含到外部网站的链接,还是其他网站包含到本网站的链接,都不意味着我们的赞助, endorsement, recommendation, or approval of such other website, the entity or organization managing it, any views expressed on it, or any products or services offered on or through it.


We take reasonable measures to ensure the reliability and quality of the information, materials, and other content that we produce or make available on or through this website. 我们可能, without 不ice and from time to time, revise the content available on this website; however, we make no commitment to do so. We assume no liability or responsibility for the accuracy, 正确的ness, completeness, or timeliness of any content available on or through this website, nor do we represent that the 使用 of such content will 不 infringe privately held rights. 本网站或通过本网站提供的所有内容均以“现状”、“可用”为基础. We are 不 responsible for misprints, errors, omissions, or denial of service or access. By using this website, you assume the risk that its content may be inaccurate, in正确的, incomplete, out-of-date, unsatisfactory for your purposes, or infringing.

We assume no liability or responsibility for any loss, 受伤, or damage of any kind resulting in any manner from the content of this website, including any computer virus, malicious code, or system malfunction.

威尼斯人网址的出版物和工作文件中表达的观点是作者的观点. 它们并不一定代表威尼斯人网址或联邦储备系统的立场. Any conclusions that you draw from the content available on or through this website, regardless of whether you received any assistance from us or our employees, are your own and are 不 to be attributed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.


我们致力于使本网站的每一页都能被尽可能多的读者访问, including people with visual disabilities using screen-reading software.


威尼斯人网址创建的标识是我们的财产,未经允许不得使用. Fed邮件®, FedLine®, and Fedwire® are registered trademarks of the Federal Reserve Banks. 本网站提及的其他产品和公司名称可能是其各自所有者的商标.

Applicable Law

本网站由威尼斯人网址从其在美利坚合众国的办事处控制和运营. By accessing this website, you agree that these terms will be construed and applied in accordance with United States law. If you 使用 this site from a foreign location, you are responsible for compliance with any and all applicable local laws.

The following privacy policy governs this website and its 使用.

Collection of Personal Information

Except as otherwise stated in this policy, you may visit this website without providing any personal information. However, you may choose to provide us with personal information if, e.g., you subscribe to one of our publications, send us questions through email, answer a 使用r survey, register for an event, apply for a job, or participate in one of our online activities. 您通过本网站自愿提供的任何个人信息可能会被用来帮助我们更好地定制我们的网站, publications, and services to our 使用rs’ needs.

This website makes limited 使用 of permanent cookies. We 使用 permanent cookies to track 使用r traffic patterns or in connection with 使用r research (such as to administer a 使用r survey in which no one is invited to participate more than once); this will better enable us to provide you with easy-to-使用, high-quality content. This kind of cookie does 不 record any other information about you, 也不能用来收集或关联您在世界范围内其他地方的活动信息. 如果您希望禁止放置cookie,您可以禁用浏览器的永久cookie.

临时内存驻留cookie或临时会话cookie用于在浏览器会话期间维护用户的导航状态,并在会话结束后从内存中过期. 我们可能 from time to time 使用 transient memory-resident cookies. In addition, sometimes a third-party vendor will 使用 cookies on one of the websites it operates, 主机, 或为我们管理,以便管理会议或研讨会的在线注册过程. Since a third-party vendor’s website is 不 operated by us, 本隐私政策不适用于该网站收集的个人信息或任何其他信息.

本网站通过对web服务器的日志文件进行分析,收集和汇总用户的统计信息. We 使用 this statistical information to determine, among other things:

  • Our website’s most popular pages;
  • The browsers and operating systems most often 使用d by visitors;
  • The websites and search engines that have referred visitors to our website; and
  • The domains from which our 使用rs visit us.

Such analyses do 不 involve personal information. We do 不 correlate this data with personal information about you. This statistical information, in aggregate form, and without personally identifying you, 是否可以与其他联邦储备银行或联邦储备委员会共享.

Use of Personal Information

Generally, any information collected through this website, whether individual or aggregate, is for Federal Reserve System 使用 only. We do 不 rent, 出售, 或与其他人或非关联公司共享您的个人信息,除非得到您的许可或在以下情况下:

  • When we retain the services of other Federal Reserve Banks, outside agents, or third parties under contract with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Such personal information is only provided to, and is only 使用d by, those parties in conjunction with the services they provide to us.
  • 当我们被要求向政府官员或传票要求披露您的个人信息时, court orders, legal process, 或其他法律义务,并确立或行使我们的合法权利或抗辩索赔. We will share and/or 使用 information to investigate, 防止, or take action against illegal activities or suspected fraud.

If you participate in a 使用r survey, your answers and personal information will be analyzed only in the aggregate. 调查可能会问你是否有兴趣在未来参与一个网站可用性测试. If interested, we will ask for your contact information.

If you provide us with your postal or email address, or telephone or fax number, this information will be 使用d only for the purpose for which you provided it, such as to:

  • Provide you with the publications or information you requested;
  • Register you for a tour, conference, or other event;
  • Clarify your request or registration;
  • Correspond with you regarding your job application; or
  • Provide you with related information.

When you fill out our online forms, the information will be delivered to a Federal Reserve Bank email address or database. Your online communications are 不 encrypted. We can不 guarantee the security of any information sent electronically, whether submitted by online form or email.

If you submit credit card information to register for an event online, 该信息被转发给威瑞信认证的商家,该商家致力于为客户提供最高级别的交易处理安全.

If you register for an event online, 我们可能会保留您的注册信息,以便将来就类似事件与您联系. If you do 不 want us to keep your registration information, you must tell us so.

Maintenance of Personal Information

The safeguarding of personal information is important to us. While we endeavor to 维护 the security of personal information in our possession, we can不 guarantee such security. 我们不负责您提供的个人信息或任何其他信息在传输到我们网站时的安全, through email, or otherwise. Nor are we responsible for what a third party does with any information provided by you.

If you have voluntarily submitted personal information to us and wish to review, 更新, 正确的, or delete it, 请 submit your request using this form. 请提供您订阅的出版物名称,以及它是印刷出版物还是电子出版物.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

This website is 不 directed to children under the age of 13, nor do we knowingly collect, 维护, or 使用 personal information obtained through this website about children under the age of 13. If a child whom we know to be under the age of 13 sends personal information to us online, we will only 使用 that information to respond directly to the child, 不ify the parents, or seek parental consent.

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time without 不ice. If any change to this policy affects the way we 使用 personal information, we will provide an avenue for you to opt out of such 使用. Otherwise, we will 不 provide you with 不ice of changes to this policy. You are responsible for reviewing this privacy policy from time to time for any such changes.

This privacy policy was last 更新d August 26, 2008

联系 Information

Questions or 评论 about this privacy policy, may be directed to our privacy team using this form.

General Reserve Bank Data Privacy Notice

Introduction and Scope

本数据隐私声明提供了联邦储备银行(Reserve Bank)活动的高层次概述, or partially rely on collection and 使用 of personal information. We seek to provide transparency into relevant Reserve Bank functions, the personal information involved, and general 使用s of such information.

本公告涵盖了在多个储备银行之间和内部进行的一般类别的活动和职能, each Reserve Bank is a separate legal entity responsible for its own privacy practices. 由于储备银行的一些职能在操作上已被合并为一个或多个储备银行, 无论某一职能是否主要由某一特定储备银行执行,各储备银行均发布本公告的类似版本. 储备银行也可以发布单独的隐私声明,提供有关该储备银行数据隐私实践的更具体信息.

When we 使用 the term personal information in this 不ice, 我们指的是由储备银行处理或保留的与个人有关联或可关联的个人信息. 本通知涵盖从个人信息所涉及的个人以外的来源收到个人信息的情况. 它还涵盖个人为储备银行安全或执法目的提供个人信息的情况.

This 不ice is intended to cover situations

  1. that are generally covered by more specific 不ices posted at the point of collection, such as collecting personal information directly from members of the public on the web (e.g., signing up for newsletters);
  2. where the Reserve Banks collect or 使用 personal information for routine internal functions, such as managing employees, administering benefit plans, and performing audits and accounting; or
  3. that involve operation of Reserve Bank websites (e.g., cookie policies).

Reserve Bank Functions That Use Personal Information

本通知描述了储备银行在上述范围内涉及个人信息的六项核心职能. Regardless of functional area, the Reserve Banks DO NOT 出售 personal information. The Reserve Banks DO share personal information if required by law, or if such 分享 is necessary to accomplish the listed functions and activities. 这包括在储备银行之间以及与储备银行供应商(如果该供应商需要向储备银行提供服务)之间共享信息。.

1. Supervision & Regulation

联邦储备系统理事会(Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System)是一个联邦机构,负责监督和管理包括银行控股公司在内的某些类型的金融机构(定义见下文第3节), state-chartered banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System, savings and loan holding companies, foreign banks operating in the United States, and other entities. The Board has delegated certain supervision and regulation functions, 包括审查受监管实体和处理某些银行申请和通知, to Reserve Banks as agents of the Board.

In performing these delegated functions, the Reserve Banks receive personal information from financial institutions. For example, Reserve Banks review consumer loan data as part of an examination of a bank. 储备银行也可能从受监管的机构收到有关其股东的个人信息, directors, and executive officers in connection with applications submitted by institutions for approval. 储备银行根据董事会的数据隐私政策保护这些个人信息. For more information about what personal information may be involved in supervisory activities, 请 see the Federal Reserve Board Privacy Program site.

2. Fiscal Agent Services to the United States Department of the Treasury (Treasury)

The Reserve Banks act as fiscal agents to the U.S. Treasury to support its goals related to collecting, disbursing, 借款, 投资, and accounting for government funds.

In this capacity, the Reserve Banks collect, 使用, and share personal information for the exclusive purpose of providing such fiscal services. In carrying out these functions, the Reserve Banks follow the Treasury's Data Privacy Policy and other requirements. 看到 U.S. Treasury Privacy Policylist of privacy impact assessments published by the Treasury.

3. Financial Services

The Reserve Banks provide financial services to depository institutions such as banks, credit unions, and savings and loans associations (together, “financial institutions”). 这些服务包括作为结算支票的金融机构之间的中介, 以及结算自动票据交换所(ACH)付款和电子转移资金.

接收和分享个人信息是储备银行提供金融服务的必要方面. As financial intermediaries, Reserve Banks come into possession of personal information such as names, 地址, and account numbers when they process payment transactions submitted by financial institutions. In some instances, a check or payment instruction might also include a social security number or other, more sensitive personal information. As financial intermediaries, 储备银行从金融机构收到这些个人资料,而不是直接向个人收集. 储备银行无法控制金融机构提交的个人信息的类型或准确性. 储备银行将支付交易信息直接或通过该金融机构指定的代理/供应商传递给支付链中的下一个金融机构. Such information may also be 使用d in connection with compliance activities, economic research, and for other operational purposes related to payments processing. For more information about these financial services, see Federal Reserve Bank Financial Services.

4. 贷款

The Reserve Banks extend certain types of credit to financial institutions. 这包括允许账户上的短期透支(称为日光透支)以及其他贷款计划(称为贴现窗口预付款)。.

Discount Window advances must be secured by collateral. The collateral pledged to a Reserve Bank may include consumer loans (e.g., mortgage loans or auto loans). 而贷款一般仍由向储备银行借款的金融机构保管, the Reserve Banks require information about each of the loans pledged as collateral. The consumer-loan-level information obtained for collateral purposes include name, loan number, loan amount, and balance. If actual loan documentation is obtained for sampling or safekeeping purposes, it will include all the information contained therein, which may also include social security numbers, dates of birth, and account numbers. 为借阅功能而取得的个人资料,只会用于支持及促进这些借阅活动, and is shared only to the extent necessary to support these activities. Loan information may also be shared with other financial institutions, such as corporate credit unions and home loan banks, that similarly provide liquidity to depository institutions, to 防止 double-pledging collateral. Please see for more information about these activities.

5. 研究 & Monetary Policy

研究和货币政策职能部门进行独立的威尼斯人网址研究,并在主要学术期刊上发表,并提供政策分析,以支持美联储的货币政策使命和促进美国联邦储备系统有效运作的一般责任.S. economy and, more generally, the public interest.  Other departments in the Reserve Bank, such as Supervision and Regulation and Community Development, 可在履行职责时进行研究,并可与研究及货币政策部门合作. 整体, 美联储的研究涵盖了广泛的主题,为公众和其他利益相关者提供了各种形式的产出.

研究和政策分析可能是涉及分析详细信息的数据密集型活动. While some of this data include personal information, it is typically anonymized, or de-identified with strict prohibitions against re-identification. Some of this information is acquired from third-party data providers. 储备银行也可以通过单独或与其他组织合作设计的调查来获取信息. 保护和负责任地使用研究信息对储备银行至关重要. 储备银行收集或获取的个人身份信息受到严格的信息安全控制(基于NIST框架)和其他控制(包括访问限制)的约束, 使用, 分享, 存储, and disposal of the information.

6. Law Enforcement

每家储备银行都有自己的联邦储备执法部门负责保护其业务, facilities, and physical assets.

In order to protect the people and assets of the Reserve Banks, Law Enforcement collects some personal information from people who visit the Reserve Banks. 这些访客在获准使用储备银行的设施之前,可能需要提供身份信息. This information may include name and information on a government-issued ID. Some Reserve Banks also collect personal information to conduct background checks of vendors, contractors, and employees for the purpose of verifying identity and managing risk.  Background checks, public records searches, 和其他信息收集也可用于评估对联邦储备系统的潜在威胁. These processes are conducted in accordance with applicable law, 并且可能涉及与从事筛选的供应商和/或与进行筛选的政府机构共享个人信息.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions, 评论, or concerns about this 不ice or the Reserve Banks' general privacy practices, 请 使用 this form to submit them. 我们仅使用您提供的个人信息来回答您的问题、评论或关注.

有关董事会授权和财政代理职能的问题或意见应直接向理事会和美国联邦储备银行提出.S. Treasury, respectively.

Changes to this Privacy Notice


有关董事会授权和财政代理职能的问题或意见应直接向理事会和美国联邦储备银行提出.S. Treasury, respectively.

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